Engineer at Henley laboratory carrying out test on wire using DC HIGH VOLTAGE TESTER
Quality Assurance
Henley laboratory is equipped with all the instruments to ensure that the various tests required under different specifications are conducted before the cables are cleared for despatch.   

Some Important tests at our laboratory

1. Tensile Testing:

    This test is required for annealing & tensile testing for ALUMINUM & PVC.
    Least count = 0.1 kgf.

2. Double Kelvin Bridge:
This test is required to check the resistance of wire. Least count = 0.2 micro ohms

3. AC High Voltage Tester:
    This test is required for AC High Voltage Test at 3kv/5kv rms.

4. DC High Voltage Tester:
    This test is required for DC high voltage test at 1.2 KV for 240 hours at 60 degree C.

5. AC Spark Tester:
   This test is required during extrusions of wires & cables. Every meter of wire goes through     high voltage spark testing machine to make sure that there are no pin holes, cuts and bare     patches in the insulation.
6. Million Mega OHM Meter:
    This test is required for insulation, resistance constant & volume resistivity of wire.

Several other tests such as SHRINKAGE, HOT DEFORMATION, HEAT SHOCK, LOSS OF MASS IN AIR OVEN are also carried out for the enhancement of our quality. 
Other Important
Equipments at our Lab

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